ESG's Apprenticeship Training Bays

At Lloret, we are proud to have supported ESG, providing practical BMS and Fire Alarm mock-up activity bays for their training facility at Modular Engineering, to be used for their apprenticeship programs as well as for HSS Training.

We installed two activity bays, a Lloret BMS control panel with interactive sensors and damper actuators alongside Lloret Fire Solutions Fire Alarm panel and detectors. The bays provide an excellent opportunity to broaden apprentices’ knowledge, acquire new skills, and engage with cutting-edge technology that we are now integrating into projects all throughout London.

The initiative is to provide a safe off-site learning environment, to challenge and give apprentices the experience of having to find solutions to complex scenarios. We are committed to finding new means in helping to support the next generation coming into the built environment industry and thank ESG for inviting us to contribute to this great project.

Congratulations to Andy and the ESG team for the opening of their training facility. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship as well as seeing some of the apprentices come through the program and work alongside us on-site.

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