The Rise of Office Retrofits


London office refurbishments are on the incline. This is a direct effect of an increase in demand for sustainable offices, as new Government standards have been introduced for buildings to meet an ‘Energy Performance Certificate’ standard of B by 2030...


Histroical Buildings being Refurbished to Incorporate Modern Standards


The process of bringing back to life old buildings is taking place across London, whether it is upgrading a commercial space or creating a whole new purpose for a building. Redevelopments provide many advantages, which demolition and new builds cannot provide...


How We Support/Enhance RESET Air Standards.

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We tend to focus heavily on how to minimise outdoor pollution, from cars and burning fossil fuels, with little attention being drawn to the unseen, undetected indoor air pollution and its negative connotations. On average employees spend 40 hours a week within their working environment...


Building Show - the lead up to COP28

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This year marks the halfway point between the beginning of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 targets set. COP28 could not have come at a more president time to discuss how we are getting on and what we need to do to reach these goals, amping up the progress...


WELL Building Standard

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As an industry there is a rise in projects and builds, striving to achieve WELL Gold and Platinum scores. WELL Precertification proposes features that will ultimately be reviewed once buildings are completed and in use, to later be WELL Certified...