Graduate Exchange Program with WSP

Over the past month Lloret and WSP teamed up to organise a graduate swap, where a graduate from each company went to work at the opposite organisation to further develop their learning.

Grace, Lloret’s Sustainability Coordinator spent two weeks working with WSP’s Sustainability Team to see how their business targets this sector within construction. Grace divided her time between the Whole Life Carbon Team and the Net Zero Team.

Firstly, she investigated how the figures of a buildings estimated embodied carbon figures are derived when in the design stage. Embodied carbon accounts for 30-40% of whole life carbon, to which in the design stage it determines around 80% of a products environmental impact. One Click software is a tool that has a data base of EPDs and TM65s to be able to design the building. After being trained on One Click, Grace worked alongside the project team to help design low carbon buildings, whilst researching the different materials used to make the building lower in carbon. She spent her time specifically investigating how to meet designer and contractor requirements within the MEP package to further her knowledge into creating low carbon packages at Lloret. She also spent some time, understanding the circular economy along with the WELL and BREEAM accreditation that buildings now strive for. After reviewing these accreditations and circular economies principles, a report was written on what this means and now understands how this can be implemented into our buildings and businesses.

Grace’s time with the Net Zero Team was centred around how the different scopes are measured, working alongside this team, she was able to help measure the three scopes of external companies’ footprints. With scope 3 being such a challenging scope to measure, understanding how a large corporate company goes about this, has provided valuable knowledge that can be used going forth on Lloret’s net zero journey.

Maria is a WSP Smart Building Engineer and spent her secondment of time working through the design stage, gaining an understanding into how her work at WSP comes to life. She spent time with our designers to see what can be improved throughout the final commissioning stage, obtaining knowledge that will positively support her future projects. devised her time between learning how a BMS system is built and how the system integration is physically done. She therefore had the opportunity to visit one of our major commercial sites, to fault test the systems we have installed to ensure they are operating effectively.

Maria, additionally had the opportunity to learn about MSI, working alongside our Engineering Director to understand how the smart system is run and integrated into a building. The two weeks were centred around providing her with an insight into how Lloret designs and install intelligent building states, supporting her work when returning to her role at WSP.

The graduate exchange, enabled the girls to see how two different companies operate, broadening their knowledge within their respective careers. The collaborative work they undertook allowed for great learning and networking opportunities with both girls thoroughly enjoying the experience. It’s been a great learning initiative to see how different companies work within the construction industry, something Lloret looks to continue – particularly for our youngest members of the team.

wsp grace photo.jpg__PID:9f9f170e-ea24-4846-a1dc-fbe287bfe6d3

Lloret's Grace alongside another WSP Graduate Kiara.

mmc_headshot (2).jpg__PID:55149450-b385-4a64-a0f7-0c219c876e7b

Maria from WSP who partook with the exchange.

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