The Rise of Office Retrofits

London office refurbishments are on the incline. This is a direct effect of an increase in demand for sustainable offices, as new Government standards have been introduced for buildings to meet an ‘Energy Performance Certificate’ standard of B by 2030.

The built environment is looking to achieve net zero globally by 2050, which has prompted the UK Government to introduce new standards. Buildings must now look to meet an ‘Energy Performance Certificate’ standard of B by 2030, with a few exemptions. Developers and building owners are required to upgrade buildings to meet the new criteria, providing a further opportunity for buildings and offices to achieve wider ESG standards such as BREEAM, NABERS and WELL Standard.

Developers are looking to bring back to life inefficient old buildings, meeting new Government standards as well as encouraging workers back to office spaces after COVID-19, promoting an office building to suit the modern user and strengthening collaborative working environments. Office refurbishments are encouraging workers back, by creating a space that is flexible, sustainable and enhances the health and well-being of occupants. Lloret’s BMS systems monitor and control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for office spaces. BMS is therefore crucial to office infrastructure, especially with the growing awareness surrounding the impact of indoor air quality on health, circulating air to avoid viruses spreading, as well as proven to increase productivity.

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Lloret are working alongside BAM to install the BMS for the Grade II Listed Renovation of Space House.

The renovation of Peterborough Court has Lloret working alongside Mace Interiors to deliver the BMS upgrade. 

In accordance with Deloitte London Crane Survey from October 2022 to March 2023 91% of new starts of office builds were refurbishments, as opposed to new office builds in central London. The demand for sustainable offices is increasing, making it a desired and affordable option for investors to take advantage of. Refurbishment as opposed to demolition, embodies resource efficiency of material and waste disposal, thereby improving a project’s sustainability targets.

Lloret is involved in several office refurbishment projects across London, providing systems to help create smart, safe, sustainable, and healthy buildings. Lloret is seeing an increase in integrating smart sensor technology into buildings. The systems we install, such as Building Management Systems, Lighting Systems and Energy Management Systems therefore are automated to change settings depending on individual rooms occupancy levels – driving down tenant’s energy consumption and costs.

Office refurbishments, provides an opportunity for developers to meet the desired standards set out by UK Governments as well as looking to appeal to the modern-day occupants. Lloret is proud to be involved in the industry’s movement towards a net-zero future and enhancing users' overall well-being through the systems we deliver.

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